Sunday, December 7, 2008


Taylor and Cooper definately have a love/hate relationship. They fight constantly, but they ar also best buds. Taylor will yell at the top of her lungs "YOU BUG ME COOPER" and she doesn't ever want him to sit next to her at dinner.
However, Taylor insists that her and Pooper are going to get married. I try to explain to her that you can't marry your brother but she yells "NO MOM, WHEN WE ARE OLDER, WHEN COOPER IS A DADDY"

Last night Jason and I watched "Step Brothers" (edited on clearplay). We put a movie on for hte kids in our room, and I went in to check on them and they were sitting in the same chair like best buds. Also, yesterday when Cooper and I were leaving, Taylor hugged us each and said buy I love you to both me and cooper. Cooper asked her for a kiss, but Taylor explained that she couldn't because she didn't want to get him sick (Taylor has pink eye).

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