Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taylor's Bedtime Prayer

Here are a couple of the things Taylor said in her bedtime prayer tonight:

Please bless that no one will be allergic to cats, bunnies, doggies and birdies.

Please bless that Mason will learn to walk tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcoming Committee - The Angelic Cat

Our actual moving date is next on Saturday, but we have been going over to our new house to paint and get things ready. Taylor has been a little hesitant to move. She says she will miss her friends. The other day she woke up and told me she had been crying in her bed because she will miss her preschool and primary.

We stopped by the new house yesterday to visit Jason who was painting. It was like a picture perfect neighbourhood. There were kids running up and down the street, and our neighbour stopped by to introduce himself. He has a 3 year old son, a 5 year old daughter, an 11 year old, and a 14 year old who babysit. The house across from us lives twin 3 year old boys. Best of all, a kitty came over to welcome Taylor and Cooper. This is the friendliest kitty I have ever seen. It came right up to Taylor and Cooper. It kissed cooper and layed her head on his lap.

As Annie would say, "I think I'm Gonna Like it Here"

More Museum Pics

Discovery Children's Museum - Possible Fieldtrip for Gramps Camp?

I took the kids to the Discover Museum at Gateway yesterday. My friend has a seasons pass there and she brought as her her "guests" for free. I heard that it was a great museum, but it totally surpassed my expectations. It was perfect for the kids. I would say that a place like that is just as entertaining as disneyland.
Cooper was so involved with the activities. Each time we would need to move on to something else, Cooper would throw a huge fit and I would need to drag him to the next place. He has only seen and played with about 30% of the museum because we gets so into the particular activity he is playing with.
There are really neat activities for older kids, but we did the stuff for the young kids. Here are some of the things you can do:
Grocery shop (they have a cute little market area with grocery baskets and a register)
Construction zone (you can work a fork lift and build things with big sponge blocks)
Tubes and Balls (a huge room with these sucking tubes you can put balls and stuff in- hard to describe but really need)
Wind Tunnels
A stage and costumes for plays
Climbing walls
A helicopter that they can ride (the helecoptor will move and vibrate to give you the feeling you are flying. There can be someone else in a control center who can talk to the pilot).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mason Kissing

Mason knows how to kiss. Just in time for Valentines day. He needs to learn how to keep his mouth closed though.

He also started staying the word "kiss" it is soo cute. He can also say "hi", and "dada"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Taylor was telling Jason last night that her teacher is single, and that she lives all alone. She said that her other teacher lives with a mermaid, she thinks.

At lunch Taylor was asking how she will recognize Pooper when he is a daddy.

She for some time has really wanted to marry Pooper. We have told her again and again that she cannot marry her brother. She has finally found a boy in our ward (named Christian) who she has decided to marry.