Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cooper Bedtime

Cooper is out of his crib and into a bunkbed. Tonight, I went to peek on them after we put them to bed, I noticed that he was asleep under his crib and he made a big mess of baby wipes!

Christmas Video December 25 07

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We had yummy yummy dinner with a really good dessert too. Yeah no pumpkin pie! We had a layered Chocolate Banana Rasberry tort. Very tasty.

Play Time

The kids really enjoyed their toys. Cooper got a kick out of his remote control car (and so did Taylor). Taylor also really enojoyed playing Kerplunk!


After breakfast the kids and I played in the snow a while. It was pretty warm outside and they loved it! They are my little snow angels.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a blast. I wish I had more pictures to post, but we mainly did video (I will have to upload some). Taylor was so excited that Santa and Rudolph ate the milk, cookies, and carrots she left. Santa also left her a doll house with all of the accessories (curtousy of Joelle's reject toys). Santa left Cooper a race track that he quickly figured out and loves!

We opened presents one and a time and took turns to make it last. The kids really enjoyed it! We then went to Grandma nad Grandpa Moyer's house because Santa left their stocking there. We had a yummy Christmas breakfast. Mitsuko made the best cinnimon buns with chocolate.

Christmas Time

Last week (a week before Christmas) we got together with the 4 J's and family (Joelle couldn't make it). We had yummy snacks. and exchanged presents. It was lots of fun. We also did our annual Christmas Nativity Video.