Sunday, October 16, 2011


Laverne had puppies! They are 4 weeks old today. 2 more weeks of keeping these pups. It has been an exciting adventure. The night laverne was in labor, I walked past Taylor's room and heard squeaking. I was too nervous to go into the room by myself, so I rushed down stairs and got Jason. We went into together. These was laverne, and a slimy pup, and some messy spots on taylor's carpet :( We heard squeaking coming from somewhere in the room, so Jason and I went hunting. Jason found a pup under one of taylor's skirts still in it's sack. We took the sack off and cut the cord. Yay, we saved it!
This was around 10:30pm, and by 3am Laverne had all 8 pups. They all are healthy and doing well!
The kids love them and have named each of them (biggy, chocolate bar, miniature, yonyo, yonyo junior, zoe, Michael Jackson, and dude).
My house is very stinky and there are a lot of flies. I will be happy when we can give the puppies away, but it has been lots of fun!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pillow Pet

Mason has been wanting a pillow met for quite some time. I think he must have seen a commercial for them. A few weeks ago when I had him in the jogger during my run, he told that we need to go the the store and buy him some pop tarts and a pillow pet.

Well, Jason took him to the store this week, and couldn't resist buying him one. Mason had fallen asleep in the car and was kind of groggy at the store. When they past the pillow pets, Jason said his face just lit up so big, and Jason just HAD to buy him one.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


The YW board had a party for families of those serving on the board. It was in Wallsburg at sister Ashton's property. My family had a blast! We were sad that Jason couldn't make it (he was running the rivalry relay). But we are glad that we got to spend the day with Grandma, Grandpa, cousins and nice families. My kids loved it so much. They want to go back.
The property had a couple zip lines, a man made lake with paddle boats, and a floating dock. There was a huge playground, barn with activities, lots of sports games, and giant slip and slide and so much more.

We are very grateful for the fun invite!

Go Wallsburg!!

My Baby Bauer is 1!

We had a fun birthday party for little Bauer. Lot's of cousins and family came to celebrate! We did some party games, and set up the waterslide. We also ate lots and lots of pizza.

I love my baby! He has been such a joy. He loves to cuddle, laugh, play toys, and show off his cool "standing" tricks to anyone who will watch. He is such a happy buy! One of his favorite things to do is "bonk headies" with Grandpa Robison. Bauer loves to play in water, and he loves to be sneaky and grab my cell phone or a remote whenever he gets the chance.

His first words are: dad, baba, and gog (dog).

We love you Bauer!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cooper's Trafalga Birthday

Cooper had a great birthday! He is now our sweet 5 year old boy. He has waiter so long for his birthday. For about 4 or 5 months before his birthday he kept asking me "how many more days until my birthday?" Well the day arrived, and my 5 year old had a blast! Cooper was allowed to invite one friend to take to Trafalga. He invited his very best friend, Jacob! They played lots and lots of laser tag. Afterwards we came home for Cooper'd birthday dinner request: hawaiian haystacks, limeade,and icecream cake. Here are some pics of our fun day!

Mason's Pirate Birthday Party

For Mason's party, we did a "pirate theme" - of course. We took him to Pirate Island. He has a blast! The next day (Sunday) we did a combined birthday dinner for my dad and mason.
Mason's favorite present was his $5 plastic pirate sword.

We love Mason. He loved his pirate party. He loves to tell people that he is
3 years old.