Sunday, October 16, 2011


Laverne had puppies! They are 4 weeks old today. 2 more weeks of keeping these pups. It has been an exciting adventure. The night laverne was in labor, I walked past Taylor's room and heard squeaking. I was too nervous to go into the room by myself, so I rushed down stairs and got Jason. We went into together. These was laverne, and a slimy pup, and some messy spots on taylor's carpet :( We heard squeaking coming from somewhere in the room, so Jason and I went hunting. Jason found a pup under one of taylor's skirts still in it's sack. We took the sack off and cut the cord. Yay, we saved it!
This was around 10:30pm, and by 3am Laverne had all 8 pups. They all are healthy and doing well!
The kids love them and have named each of them (biggy, chocolate bar, miniature, yonyo, yonyo junior, zoe, Michael Jackson, and dude).
My house is very stinky and there are a lot of flies. I will be happy when we can give the puppies away, but it has been lots of fun!

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