Sunday, June 13, 2010


We went to disneyland to celebrate Taylor and Cooper's birthday. It was a great trip! We stayed in one of Rod's timeshare condos close to the parks. I think the kids enjoyed the condo more than they did Disneyland. They LOVED swimming every day.
It was fun to watch them at Disney. Cooper really enjoyed the adventure rides. Mason's favorite ride (by far) was the Pirates of the Carri bean. When it ended, he would say "again, again!" Now that the trip is over he constantly watches the pirates ride on youtube.
We also did seaworld, and universal studios. It was lots of fun to see the shows at seaworld. I thought the pet show at see world was great. Taylor's favorite one was the sea otters show.
They also loved the hands on, where they were able to touch the star fish, and sting rays.

Taylor and Cooper's Birthday Party

This year Taylor and Cooper had a combined birthday party with their cousins. We did lots of games and a movie night. They had a blast!