Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun at Day Break

We went to daybreak a couple weeks ago with Justin, and Jer's families. It was fun! It had the coolest, most original parks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cooper's Bike Riding

Cooper LOVES his bike. He spends the majority of his day riding it. He has memorized what the stickers on the bike say, and what each part of the bike does. He is pretty intense.

Spring time in Eagle Mountain

We love Eagle Mountain in the spring. There are kids out everywhere! Yesterday they did a fire with smores at the neighbours house. There are kids riding bikes up and down the street constantly. I even found a few teenage girls on our play stucture with with their blankets draped over. Weird, but it just shows that everyone is friendly and comfortable around each other.

My boys!

Cooper - Age 2 (3 in 1 month)
Mason - 13 months

Monday, April 13, 2009

Homade Band

Coloring Easter Eggs at Jake and Ryan's House

We colored Easter Eggs after conference at Jake and Ryans house. I brought a dozen eggs which I thought were boiled. Opps I must have mixed them up. After we colored them, I realized that these were NOT the hard boiled eggs

Happy Easter

The kids had a great Easter this year. It was so cute to see them help each other find eggs. The candy egg hunt was fun, but they day before I think they had just as much fun with Taylor hiding the colored eggs around the yard and Cooper finding them.

On Friday Jason gave the kids a great lesson on what Easter means. I made some Easter Jello Jigglers for the treat.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Independant Cooper

Cooper is soo independant lately. He wants to do everything all by himself like a big boy. He will not let me buckle him. When he goes potty, he shuts the door and does not want me to help him. Today we took him to the doctors office. It was so cute to see what a big boy he was. He did everything the doctor asked, and then they did a nebulizer breathing treatment on him and he sat so still and held it himself right up to his nostrils. He did that for over 5 minutes until the treatment was done.

I have been slightly concerned about him lately. She is showing a few signs of his heart weakening. Last night he was moaning and tossing and turning in the night. I brought him in my bed and I could hear his breathing sound pretty strained. I instantly though that it was a sickness or his heart was having problems. I made a doc appointment in the morning and brought him in and it turns out that it was his asthma. He was having an asthma attack. I can't beleive that I TOTALLY forgot that Cooper has asthma. It never occured to me to get out the nebulizer. Yikes!

Baby Songs - Shapes and Songs

WARNING - this posting is not suitable for kids.

The kids were listening to baby songs in the car, and there was a song about shapes and body parts (example - head circle, arm rectangle etc..). Anyway from the back seat in a very serious, not joking voice, taylor shouted, "I know, a penis is a circle".

Cooper got a haircut

Cooper got a haircut (I will post a pic soon). Anyway when I told taylor that she needs to go look at Cooper because he has a new haircut, she asked me if his voice has changed too.

I think Taylor really likes it. She kept asking him to look at her so that she can see it again. Today she told him that she is so sorry that she cannot marry him because "you can't marry your brother".