Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fish Tank

We are very sorry Justin and Lisa. We had to say goodbye to your fish yesterday. The kids have really enjoyed having the tank in the room, and it has been so much fun until last night.
I left a big container of fish food and a big container of frog food by the fish tank.

I went in to check on the kids at 11pm and thought they were asleep. Taylor was asleep, but Cooper had decided to stay up and feed the fish. When I walked in, he was standing next to the fish tank, very proud that he had fed them. He dumped the entire bottle of fish and frog food in the tank.

The next morning we noticed that there were some survivors, but they by the afternoon most of them were gone. We had gone grocery shopping, in the afternoon and came home to the house smelling like poo. We thought maybe we left a stinky diaper around, but walked in the kids room and the smell was soooo strong. Apparently, if dump an entire bottle of fish food in a tank it will smell just like poo the next day.

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juzz said...

cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those were genetically engineered fish. Illegal in the state of california. Engineered to be indestructible. Impressive. It must have been the frog food that tipped them over the edge.