Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

We had a great disney vacation!!!! The kids had a blast (well except for Mason). It was a little difficult sharing one hotel room with all of the kiddies. Mason had a lot of difficulty falling asleep with everyone in the room, and he also got everyone up very early in the morning.

We loved our hotel though. We stayed at Disney's Paradise Pier (across the street from California Adventure). My favorite part about the hotel was the pool area. It was never crowded, and the kids loved it! There was a big water slide that both Taylor and Cooper could do all by themselves. There was a kiddy pool, a regular size pool, and a nice hot tub. A couple of nights we watched the Disney fireworks from the hot tub (pefect view). They had a bunch of life jackets at the pool. Taylor would put one on and jump right in to the deep end and swim where she needed to go. By the last day, Taylor was swimming short distances all by herself without the life jacket.

The kids loved the parade and meeting the disney characters. Cooper loved it when he was tall enough for a ride (he would keep saying "Cooper Tall Enough"). Taylor says her favorite ride was the Pinoccio ride (she says she wants to have a pinoccio birthday party.

Taylor was soooo social on the trip. She would speak with everyone in line and anyone near her at the park. She made tons of friends (both young and old). She would ask them about themselves, and tell them all about her and her family. She would always ask them if they wanted to touch our baby Mason. She would say that she has another brother but she can't say his name, so you will have to ask my mom what it is. She would tell them that it sounds like pooper, but it starts with a "C".

Cooper did great, and wasn't afraid of any of the rides he went on. He also loved hugging the princesses and participating in everything. He hated holding me hand, and ran off a couple off times, but fortunately he never got lost.

Mason is not the right kind of baby for Disneyland. He usually has to be in his crib to fall asleep, and so his nap schedules were way off. He was cranky for most of the trip. He spent a lot of time in the baby backpack carrier.

It was a fun trip overall, and Jason and I are so happy that were could do that with the kids.


janessa gibson said...

Looks like so much fun! Your kiddos are so big!

dr di said...

Thanks for all the pics jen - it looks so fun!

I wish I could have been there to hold Mason