Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Cooper

I would love to say that the Birthday today was a pleseant day, but it was crazy! I got up early and wrapped cooper's presents and made german pancakes. Cooper was screaming because he wanted to use the princess spoon and fork that taylor was using. So he was crying through half of the presents we were trying to get him to open. So we waited a while and tried again. Taylor got him a spongebob watch which he refused to wear and screamed when we tried to put it on him. I brought him outside for the big surprise - A POWER WHEELS TRUCK!! I was so excited for that. However, the battery has stopped working already. I bought it used from and am totally regretting it.
Cooper's favorite present is his "fur real" chip. He has been carrying it around all day, hugging it and wrapping it in a blanket.

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